If you are interested in a mosaic or would
like to commission a piece, please contact
me at:
@ Disney World
Somerville, MA
Somerville, MA 2009
Our backyard
Somerville, MA 2007
@ Disney World
My grandmother made this table in the early 60's, my
inspiration to start mosaics
Nikki Sullivan Mosaics
Mystic Arts Center, Spring 2010
Woodstock, CT 2007
Some of my students from Silver Circle Studio workshops!
Susan 2010
Aaron 2010
Kathy 2011
Laura 2011
Mystic Arts Center 2011
Nat'l Mosaic Exihibit Cape Cod 2011
Kerri & Virginia 2011
Alice 2011
Trashformations: Trash to Treasure
Exhibit, Silver Circle Studio Dec. 2011
Angela & Emily 2012
Kathy, Susie & Sharon 2011
Solo Show, Gatehouse Gallery Tamworth NH
Mystic Arts Center, Fall   2010
Exquisite Corpse Exhibit, Silver Circle Studio